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El Paso’s ‘All That Music’ store finds its place in pandemic, excels online

All That Music
The El Paso store 'All That Music.'

EL PASO, Texas-- During this pandemic, many local stores had to find creative ways to keep their businesses afloat despite having to shut their doors.

For the El Paso music store, All That Music, that creative way was pretty simple. Making sure to keep customers happy online.

"When the pandemic hit, most of the country was shut down so people were not going out and shopping," said All That Music owner George Reynoso. "We're 40 years old this month and we've been through Napster, CD computers. We've been through changes and consumers have a lot of choices. We basically have been through a lot but we have a new slogan now, 'When having a hard copy matters."

But when music lovers weren't allowed to head to his store to buy those hard copies, Reynoso kept his sales going by being more aggressive with his online sales.

"A couple of volunteer staffers took maybe five to ten percent of our inventory and we put it online. Since I had no employees I became the shipping clerk. So about two to five hours a day I was the shipping clerk at a little warehouse that I got," explained Reynoso.

He did the research when it came to knowing what to put for sale online, and he made sure to keep customers update with newsletters. Pushing his online sales is what helped keep his store doors opened.

"Our sales are just through the roof. I can't believe it. Our sales are so phenomenal," said Reynoso.

The hottest selling items online? Classic vinyls.

"Vinyl has really helped us get through this transition," said Reynoso.

For local music lovers, having that hard copy of their favorite albums is something that helps them through this pandemic.

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Iris Lopez

Iris Lopez is a weathercaster and reporter for ABC-7.


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