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WATCH: 68-year-old El Paso virus survivor cheered as he leaves hospital after 47 days

Hospitals of Providence
68-yr. old Roberto Mata leaves the hospital after a 47-day fight with Covid-19.

EL PASO, Texas -- A 68-year-old man is the definition of staying strong and he's sure to put a smile on your face.

He just became the latest of El Paso's 1,465 recoveries from the coronavirus and one of 80 to occur between Wednesday and Thursday.

Officials at The Hospitals of Providence Memorial Campus said 68-year-old Roberto Mata was hospitalized there for 47 days due to Covid-19.

When he was released on Wednesday, the Providence staff lined the hallways and cheered him out to his family who were holding signs and anxiously awaiting to see him.

"It was an emotional moment for his family and team of healthcare providers to be a part of this special celebration and see his incredible recovery," said Marina Monsisvais, a Providence spokesperson.

Mata was taken by ambulance from the hospital to a rehabilitation facility to continue his virus recovery.

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Jim Parker

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  1. On a side note: It really isn’t a good idea to hug this man and have tears fall on him. Regardless of much this young lady loves him. Just saying. Keep the vulnerable safe.

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