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Community Champions: Las Cruces’ Mayfield High recognized as National Unified Champion School

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico -- Mayfield High School in Las Cruces will be one of five schools recognized nationally as a Unified Champion School. ESPN and Special Olympics worked together to recognize five schools from across the country that go above and beyond to create climates of inclusion.

Liz Branch, a speech pathologist who oversees all students with disabilities at the school told ABC-7 that she's honored that her school was chosen.

“We want to see everybody for their abilities. For what they can do. Not what they can’t do. And that’s what exactly our school was doing," Branch said.

The program's main goal is to promote lifelong friendships for students of all walks of life.

“Nobody is left out. Everybody has the time to shine. Everybody has the chance to work together and become friends. It’s neat to see this barrier breakdown," Branch added.

The Special Olympics and ESPN have worked to put together a celebration that will include messages from celebrities, government officials, and school administration.

Andres Valle


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