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Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday Moment: Del Valle High School Senior writes song for Class of 2020

EL PASO, Texas -- Graduation season is upon us and many seniors are coping with the fact that they won't be celebrating the end of their high school year the traditional way.

Jerry Vlack, a senior at Del Valle High School, is using his music to help him cope with the upsetting news of his high school senior year being cut short due to Covid-19.

“It always feels great to just write things out. Just expressing yourself in general and finding any way possible through art. Now with this pandemic I feel like my song to me has even more significance. It’s even more special to me now,” said Vlack who is also a student at Sound Stage 9, a local artist development studio.

Vlack was involved in his high school's orchestra and theatre program. He was looking forward to end of the year trips and concerts with his classmates, but when he heard that those things wouldn’t be happening he was crushed.

"It was very heartbreaking quite honestly. A lot of us weren’t expecting this and we were all just looking forward to having our prom, our end of the year trips, our graduation and now all of that is canceled,” said Vlack.

He decided to use his emotions to write a song to show his friends how much he appreciated them.

"The song is called 'Lights' because to me my friends are the lights of my life. They’re my motivation. The song is about how I didn’t want my time with my friends to end as fast as it seemed,” said Vlack.

He was able to record the music video at Del Valle high school a week before all schools were put on lock down. The music video has been viewed on YouTube over 2,000 times. (See it at the bottom of this article.)

Vlack hopes this song will bring some comfort to the class of 2020 and he has a special message to all the teachers who he wasn’t able to thank or say goodbye to in person.

"I wanna give them a huge thanks because nothing compares to the generosity and patience of a teacher and their work is just incredible. Some of them even grow to be more than teachers. I know some teachers that are honestly my role models and I can never thank them enough.”


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