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Prices at the pump continue to soar as the conflict in Ukraine continues

EL PASO, Texas - Drivers are paying an average of $3.38 a gallon for regular unleaded fuel in Texas according to the latest report.

The AAA Texas Weekend Gas Watch show rose 17-cents from a week ago.

El Paso drivers are seeing prices at the pump averaging $3.58, while drivers in Amarillo are paying the least at $3.24.

However, ABC-7 noticed today many gas stations locally raised their price for a gallon of gas by 30 cents.

Experts say the spiking gas prices are similar to what we see after a major hurricane. The volatility in the fuel market in the recent weeks is due to the war between Russia and Ukraine according to AAA.

Uncertainty over Russia's large crude oil supplies getting to the world market due to the conflict has caused the spike to over $100 a barrel which means gas prices will continue to soar as drivers prepare for the spring travel season.

"Oil prices have skyrocketed to 11-year highs," said AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster.

You can always find the lowest gas prices in El Paso and Las Cruces on this section of our website.

Yvonne Suarez



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    1. Bnmp. Listen moron. The country was paralyzed because of pandemic. Catch up in supply and demand. Don’t think they covered that in 7th grade you high school drop out level thinker.

      1. The pandemic caused the high gas prices? You’re an idiot. There was less demand for gasoline during the first year of the pandemic since nobody went anywhere. Less demand equals less supply meaning lower prices nitwit. You should consider getting a high school and college education.

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    1. We are still a net exporter of oil and natural gas. Keystone will never happen. It had nothing to do with current gas prices. There will never be anymore drilling on federal land. The fossil fuel era is at an end.

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