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Justice For Doby: Animal rescue groups demand justice after animal cruelty leads to a dogs death

UPDATE: On Thursday, The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office responded to ABC 7.

The EPCSO said that they first received a phone call about an injured dog on April 3rd, however when Animal control was dispatched they said they were not able to “contain the canine.”

According to a spokeswoman with the EPCSO It was not until April 7th, when dispatch received another call about the injured dog, that they went back out to the property located on Dean Road in far East El Paso and took custody of the dog. They also took custody of another dog that was located at the same property.

The EPCSO said in their statement to ABC 7, that there are many possibilities to what could have caused the severe injury to Doby. They indicated that the information received about a Cherry Bomb being put in the dogs mouth was from Karen Washington. EPCSO said she did not provide them with the identity of who provided her that information.

In an email shown and seen only by ABC 7 from a person at the EPCSO, the cause of injury was indicated to be a result of a Cherry Bomb.

The EPCSO confirmed that Animal Services euthanized Doby.
The EPCSO said that there is an ongoing investigation.

Justice For Doby.

It’s what one group of animal rescuers are demanding after a horrific case of animal cruelty led to his death.

Doby, a six-month old Doberman Pinscher who experienced the worst kind of abuse, and left in excruciating pain for nearly a week.

The details of the abuse may be disturbing to some viewers, and it’s that abuse that has animal rescuers demanding that the county take action.

Karen Washington, who has been rescuing animals for 15 years, told ABC 7’s Christina Aguayo that she can not believe a person would inflict such pain on an animal. Washington said, “Who does that? Who does that to an animal and if they’ll do it to a dog, the saying goes they’ll do it to a human as well.”

It happened in early April, Jason, who does not want his last name revealed said he was told about Doby by a resident that lived in the Montana Vista area. He said a woman approached him and told him that the dog was in pain. Jason said, “She said that his lower jaw was dangling and he was in significant need of help.”

Jason said that he asked the woman to call him when she saw Doby again, and when she did, he went straight to the address. By the time Jason arrived to the property, Animal Services was on the scene. Jason said, “Animal control was able to catch the dog and take him to animal services where Doby was euthanized.”

Jason said he witnessed the puppy’s injuries and they were beyond anything he could imagine. Jason said that people in the neighborhood saw Doby, in his condition for days but did not report it, because according to Jason, they were scared of the puppy’s owners.

“He had been walking around at least for five days with his mangled jaw just dangling,” Washington said “and nobody wanted to call in and report this dog, which is a shame.”

According to an email sent by the El Paso County Sheriffs Office, it appeared somebody had put a Cherry Bomb in Doby’s mouth and held it shut while it exploded.

Washington said she see’s animal cruelty cases far too often in El Paso County, saying, “We’re seeing a lot of cruelty a lot of neglect. A lot of dogs abandoned in the desert to fend for themselves,” she said, “We have so many dogs turned into animal services with broken legs, we have dogs getting hit by cars every day people are not vaccinating they are not spaying and they are not neutering their pets.”

Washington is also advocating for vaccinations for all dogs, after witnessing a pug who died after a very painful bout of distemper. She said “It broke my heart, it broke my spirit. I decided I have to do something about this.”

Washington has started holding rallies to educate people on animal cruelty,”I Had my first one two Saturdays ago, and I just heard about Doby so we included Doby, we did Justice for Doby.”

She said she will be holding rallies on the second Saturday of every month in different areas around El Paso County and even the city of El Paso.

She said that she has challenged Sheriff Richard Wiles to volunteer at one of her rallies and he has agreed to do so, and help her spread the word about animal cruelty.

She also is calling on the El Paso County Commissioners to make a change in the laws when it comes to animal care and accountability. Washington said, “I’d like to go before them as well with my posters (of animals that have been abused) and sow them first hand what is happening; How can we change it, how can we get more funding for you all, how can we make the public aware that this is not okay. This treatment of animals is not okay.”

Jason worries that if cases like Doby are left un-prosecuted and people are not put behind bars for animal cruelty, then he said, “It’s very likely that the next time it may by your brother, your sister, your aunt your uncle or your neighbor, or somebody that is close to you and you love.”

Washington feel the thought of that is, “quite frightening if you stop to think about it, and this person is still sitting out here as if nothing happened.”

Washington said that Commissioner Vince Perez has already contacted her and given her a list of times he is available to meet and speak with her about animal cruelty. She is calling on all El Paso County Commissioners to do the same.

El Paso Animal Services confirmed that they did receive Doby on April 7th. He was assessed by a veterinarian who determined his injuries were too grave, and his pain too great to save him. They made the difficult decision to Euthanize Doby, which they also determined the most humane way to handle situation.

ABC 7 has reached out to the El Paso County Sheriffs Office, who is working on providing ABC 7 with details surrounding Doby’s case, and the investigation into the animal cruelty. ABC 7 will update you with that information as soon as it is provided.

If anyone would like to volunteer for the Pawsitive Rescuers of El Paso, the next rally will be held on May 11th in Horizon.

The non-profit 501c3 Pawsitive Rescuers of El Paso will have a website, official Facebook Page and bank account set up by Friday at 4:00 pm. If you would like to donate to the organization before then, please contact Karen Washington through her personal Facebook page.

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