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‘I’ll f***ing kill you’: El Paso police officer’s conduct to be investigated after verbal confrontation with witness caught on video

Image from video shows confrontation between a police officer and a crime witness.
Image from video shows confrontation between a police officer and a crime witness.

EL PASO, Texas -- The El Paso Police Department said it will launch an internal investigation into an officer's conduct after a doorbell camera recorded a verbal confrontation between that officer and a 24-year-old man.

The video, shared with ABC-7 by Ruben Garcia Jr., appears to show the officer shouting at him after he said he didn’t call police to report an incident involving a neighbor. (You can watch the entire confrontation in the video player at the top of this article.)

The verbal altercation escalated with both men using profanities. At one point, the officer is heard using a homophobic slur and threatening Garcia Jr.

"You pull something out and I'll fu***** kill you right here right now," the officer tells Garcia Jr. "You understand that sh**?"

"To see your child threatened in that manner, especially from a police officer, is unsettling," said Ruben Garcia Sr., whose son was involved in the incident.

According to the video time stamp, the altercation happened on Nov. 23 when police arrested 26-year-old Zakary Frampton, a Fort Bliss soldier. Investigators said he violently attacked his two sons after allegedly consuming LSD. The children are 3 and 7 years old.

Video provided by Garcia Jr. to ABC-7 shows Frampton running up and down the street, seemingly naked, and screaming.

That night, there was a heavy police presence in the neighborhood. The video shows an officer asking questions to Garcia Jr. outside the home when the conversation escalated as he appears to say he didn’t call police because the officer said "(he) hates the badge."

"KVIA has made the department aware of a situation involving an officer’s interaction with a witness of a heinous crime," wrote Sgt. Kiki Carrillo, a spokesman for El Paso Police in response to the video. "An investigation will be launched into the officer’s conduct."

As of Friday, the officer had not been identified. ABC-7 was unable to reach Garcia Jr. as he lives out of town and had left his father’s house where the altercation occurred. It is unclear how much of Frampton’s conduct he witnessed that night.

Sgt. Carrillo wrote that it is disappointing when a person refuses "to become involved in an a situation where innocent children are being victimized." He added: “Regardless of one’s reasoning, not only is it a civic responsibility but basic human decency (that) dictates intervention, if nothing else, by calling the police."

Kate Bieri

Kate Bieri is ABC-7’s New Mexico Mobile Newsroom reporter and co-anchors ABC-7’s weekend evening newscasts.



  1. The confrontation recording sounds awful. Hard to understand key alleged facts. A transcript would have been beneficial. Obviously the young cop is feeling the stress of seeing kid being hurt. More training for this cop is the least that his superiors can recommend.

    1. Yes we need more training. Lol. More mental health. Lol. Uh, no! Either you are ready or you are not! Don’t make chicken crap excuses. Oh , the cardiac surgeon needed more training! Crap, the patient died. How does that sound if it was your mother nadodave? Don’t be an idiot!!!!

      1. Your’e right. The cop let the ahole get to him. That shows inexperience and lack of training. Being a cop is a very hard job. Not everyone can do it. The so call child needs a spanking for talking to the cop that way too.

        1. Anyone can be a cop. Please!!!!!’ Minimal formal education. You probably meant not anyone can be a good cop. What’s the requirement for formal education? 20hrs? There a reason for that. Government puppets. Not easy to train/brainwash a person with a 4-6 year education.

          1. Formal education? Coming from you? I have seen that chapter 8 apartment complex you live in. You couldn’t even complete an enlistment in the Navy without being thrown out.

  2. You pull something out and I’ll fu***** kill you right here right now,” the officer tells Garcia Jr. “You understand that sh**?”

    What did Garcia say that made the officer think Garcia might be armed and pull something out? Seems there may be more to this than is being reported.

    1. Your a professional. You probably missed the classs while either you were eating donuts or banging your neighbor in your car while being married. All recurrent qualities of your profession.

    2. You like trump because he says it like it is right? Well you are a lazy cop who sits around dining nothing. Easy money, big time overtime. Double dipping queens. And no one like you.

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