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WATCH: GOP governors join Abbott for Texas border tour

MISSION, Texas — Eight Republican governors traveled to Texas to join Gov. Greg Abbott for a Wednesday tour of the border with Mexico.

The Republican Governors Public Policy Committee funded the transportation to Texas, and a press release said it was a visit to the border “to witness firsthand the crisis playing out, reveal their proposed solutions, and once again call on President Joe Biden to act to secure the border immediately.”

Republican governors from across the country have focused on border issues and criticized Democrat Joe Biden for his immigration policies.

GOP governors from Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, Georgia, Nebraska, Ohio, Iowa and Oklahoma were participating in the event at the Texas border alongside Abbott, who held a press conference at Anzalduas Park in Mission - the same location where hundreds of migrants are in quarantine.

Some political analysts said Abbott's visit to the Rio Grande Valley was nothing more than an opportunity to rally up conservatives.

“It’s going to be a photo-op for Greg Abbott and national Republicans,” said Mark Jones, a political science professor at Rice University, who added that Abbott wanted to emphasize the Republican party's stance in favor of greater border security and against what they have called an open border policy from Democrats.

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  1. Republicans are evidently unaware that they are just one or two steps from being rounded up and placed into prisons all over the country. People have had just about enough of their treason and corruption.

    1. It’s delusional Char Lie Dumbo. It’s the other way around nitwit. We’re tired of you Democrats and leftists starting with worthless senile Joe. Buck Joe Biden.

      1. I’m not the traitor. I support the duly elected president. Not the insurrectionist orange menace. You support him. That makes you the traitor. Not only that, but your posts on this site confirm that you are also uneducated and a coward.

        1. Their was no insurrection. FBI informants confirmed that. The Jan 6 “coup” has been debunked just every other lie told about Trump. Pick up a book. Reading might do your pudding brain some good

    2. Based on what? I walk tall and I thank officers for their service whenever I see them. Not one has every accused me of anything. You know why? Because supporting the US and being a Patriot is NOT illegal. We have done nothing wrong. Just like the greatest President in US history, President Trump.

      1. He is known by the majority of Americans as the very worst president in the nation’s history. He was a traitor, a coward, a racist, a failed businessman, a threat to national security, a psychopathic liar, a climate change denier, a misogynist, a so called pro-lifer, and a general failure as president.

        1. What majority nitwit? The 12 morons that attended his gathering in Michigan this week? There were thousands protesting against Biden. Ruffled his feathers. Chanting “Buck Joe Biden”. If 81 million voted for him where are they?…..crickets? BTW – Get help for your TDS.

        2. Senile Joe is a p.u.s.s.y. grabber. He like to fondle and smell little girl’s hair. Plus he is a soldier, baby and children killer. Talks gibberish. BTW – Trump is still a billionaire. You are the real lose

  2. If they were really worried about the border, they would all be in Washington counseling Republican congress members to stop opposing immigration overhaul. Trumps gone. Just using fear on the uneducated isn’t going to work anymore.

        1. Really, then why is there tones of video of leftist hacks NOT wearing masks and then suddenly putting them on when the cameras turn on, including Biden, AOC, and Fauci himself. Mask are doing a thing other than spreading fear.

        2. ‘Dr. Anthony Fauci wrote in February 2020 that store-bought face masks would not be very effective at protecting against the COVID-19 pandemic and advised a traveler not to wear one.’

          Follow Dr Faucis advice Mark. I think his science is more trustworthy than your 11th grade education.

        3. Hey nitwit the CDC recommends. They are not forcing a mask mandate. Regardless of the mask mandate being trashed you can still wear your mask nitwit. You’re an idiot.

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