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911 call describes moment baby was discovered in Hobbs mall dumpster

Editor's note: The audio attached to this story contains graphic language.

HOBBS, New Mexico – Three people who were dumpster diving made a remarkable discovery on Jan. 7: a newborn baby.

Alexis Avila. Charged with attempted murder.

The mother, Alexis Avila, was arrested and charged with attempted murder. According to court documents, Avila learned she was pregnant when she went to the doctor due to back pain. She gave birth on her bathroom floor the next day on Jan. 7.

Investigators say Avila wrapped the baby in a towel, placed it in a bag, and secured it with a hair tie. Investigators say Avila drove to a dumpster at the Broadmoor Mall, where she tossed the trash bag into the dumpster around 2 p.m., then drove away.

Hours later, three people rooting through the dumpster heard crying coming from the container. The baby was found inside one of the bags. That's when the group called police.

The entire episode was captured on surveillance camera video.

Read the criminal complaint against Alexis Avila:

LEA County Court Doc by David Gonzalez on Scribd

David Gonzalez



  1. So the mother says that it was a mistake? A mistake is forgetting to pay a bill not dumping your baby into a dumpster because you don’t want it.

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