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ABC-7 Xtra: El Paso makes list of least affordable cities

EL PASO, Texas-El Paso made a top ten list this week, one of the nation's least affordable cities.

That's the topic of this Sunday's ABC-7 Xtra.

The article quotes a company called Goodhire, a background screening software company. 

The list shows the city of El Paso as number 7.

The closest cities are Modesto, California, at number 6 and New York City at number 8.

Goodhire says it took several factors into consideration, wage growth, unemployment rate, job growth, job openings, rental prices, real estate sales prices, and real per capita personal income. 

Our  Sunday Xtra guest says she's not surprised El Paso made that list, adding a good indicator are property taxes, which show El Paso has some of the highest in the nation and the highest in Texas.

But not everyone agreed on the validity of the top ten list.

Find out who disagrees, and why, Sunday on ABC-7 Xtra, after ABC-7 weekend at 10 p.m.

Saul Saenz

El Paso native Saul Saenz is a veteran reporter who also hosts ABC-7 Extra.



  1. I can believe it. We have the highest gas prices in Texas, the property taxes here are terrible, and the City/County loves to taxa and spend.

  2. What has f.e.c.k.l.e.s.s. Veronica Escobar done to help reduce high gas, high food costs, high property taxes and real estate rental prices. Working on the Ascarate Memorial doesn’t count.

      1. She along with her sidekick Beto caused a madman from DFW to come to El Paso and kill people at Walmart. All due to her pro immigration rhetoric. Her staff was helping people in Mexico apply for asylum. But she would not take responsibility for that and blamed Trump.

  3. Property taxes are insane in ELP I doubt anyone could argue with that. No state tax offsets some of that. Other than that I would say ELP is very affordable. Of course it also depends on income and wages don’t seem to be all that great but there are decent jobs out there especially now. Wages are definitely rising to to liberal policies of lockdowns, unemployment and rent handouts and a morons in DC that wont admit inflation is over 20%. No worries it will catch up to them soon.

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