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Migrants continue to be expelled to Juarez as we near possible lifting of Title 42

CD. JUAREZ, Chihuahua - As we near Title 42 possibly being lifted, Ciudad Juarez is already experiencing a rise of migrants coming to the border.

On Wednesday, about a dozen Cuban migrants were lined up on the Stanton Bridge, waiting to make their way across. U.S. authorities released them. ABC-7 spoke with this group of migrants who were spoke of their experience coming to the border.

Some of these migrants have been here for more than a week. One of the Cuban migrants ABC-7 spoke to did not want to say his name, but he says it took 15 days to get to Juarez. He arrived three days ago.

Today, he was expelled just a day after he tried to cross into the U.S. He told us the main reason he left his home country.

"Economic problems, many economic problems in Cuba, my family is in the United States. I have a lot of family in the United States, and you see, they won't let me in."

He says his family is in the U.S. includes his mom, his grandmother, along with others.

What most concerns him is that U.S. authorities didn't tell him anything when he was processed.

"The authorities didn't tell me anything, they simply returned me without giving me an explanation, with nothing. And I gave my mother's contact information, her address and her number, and they didn't tell me anything."

He says his experience and that of other Cuban migrants experienced was something no person should endure under no circumstances.

"I'm willing to pass it because I have a goal, but it's not the best way. I would like to go to the United States legally, that they give me that possibility."

Father Javier Calvillo is the Director of the biggest shelter in the city, called La Casa del Migrante. He says migrants are more desperate to cross as they're experiencing increasing hardships south of the border.

For some of them, returning to their countries is not an option.

"Saying that title 42 is going to end, causes them a great emotion,” Father Calvillo says, migrants have been more excited now that the migration rules might change. 

The shelter is hosting around three hundred migrants right now. But they've received around sixteen hundred migrants. 

In 2018, Juarez had just four shelters, now the city has over 40 hosts taking care of migrants.

Heriberto Perez



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