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Despite ruling on Title 42, biggest shelter in Juarez braces itself for migrant surge

CD. JUAREZ, Chihuahua - “La Casa del Migrante” is a place where countless migrants find a moment of refuge during their journey north of the border. This is one of the most recognized migrant shelters in Juarez and the largest one, with a capacity of 600 people. It's been around for 36 years.

In this particular shelter, once migrants enter, they are not allowed to go out without a verified reason.

Father Javier Calvillo, the shelter's director, says businesses have reached out to them for workers. This gives migrants an opportunity to work.

"They also participate in activities, in the gardens, in the cleaning, and in the kitchen; that belongs to the migrants, they make breakfast, lunch and dinner," Calvillo added.

The shelter has received between 30 to 40 thousand people this year alone. As of Friday, the shelter is hosting of 300 migrants.

ABC-7 had the opportunity to speak with Cindy, a migrant from Honduras. She is one of the many migrants waiting for their status.

Cindy told us she left her home country because of organized crime, political issues and discrimination.

She crossed Mexico's southern border nine months ago. She says it took her three months to get to Juarez.

"La Casa del Migrante helps you a lot, protects you, gives you the basics. Your food, health, work; they treat you well," she added.

This shelter is sustained primarily through charity. It will keep operating as long as there are migrants who need its services.

After a federal judge's ruling preventing the Biden Administration from lifting Title 42, the number of migrants seeking shelter in the Borderland is expected to grow. That's what this particular shelter is bracing for.

Heriberto Perez



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