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El Paso County finalizing plan for the lifting of Title 42

U.S.-Mexico border wall near McAllen, Texas
Jerry Glaser / U.S. CBP
U.S.-Mexico border wall near McAllen, Texas

EL PASO, TX – The delayed lifting of Title 42 has given El Paso County more time to find facilities and prepare for the overflow of migrants.

The county still needs at least two facilities; one for processing migrants and another for providing temporary shelter.

El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego stressed how important it is for the county to have a plan in place ahead of time if Title 42 is eventually lifted.

“We have to get way ahead of this lifting of Title 42. It cannot coincide at the same time” he said.
He continued, “You cannot lift Title 42 and then scramble to find a processing center. We already know that’s the key to about 35 percent of the migrants that come here. We can move them quickly.”

Judge Samaniego also expressed that he’s talked with El Paso Independent School District’s Superintendent, Dr. Diana Sayavedra, about utilizing one of the district’s vacant facilities as an overflow center.

The District confirmed these talks, and while they have said that there’s “no definitive plans yet,” they are “committed to engaging with El Paso County to use [their] facilities in any way that is proper and legal.”
The Judge has stated that the processing facility will need to be a smaller building, while the temporary shelter will need to be larger.

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  1. So the plan is to keep them locked up in warehouses? Till when exactly? When sam the diego makes room to put them in his house? Won’t hold my breath.

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