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GOP blocks bill to keep government going; new try ahead

<i>Samuel Corum/Getty Images</i><br/>The U.S. Capitol Building is seen as the sun sets on it.
Getty Images
Samuel Corum/Getty Images
The U.S. Capitol Building is seen as the sun sets on it.

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican senators have blocked a bill to keep the U.S. government funded and allow borrowing. But Democrats determined to avoid a federal shutdown say they will try again this week. All this as Democrats also press ahead on President Joe Biden’s big domestic policy agenda. The tangled efforts Monday are not necessarily linked. But the fiscal year-end deadline to fund government operations past Sept. 30 is up against the Democrats’ desire to make progress on Biden’s $3.5 trillion federal government overhaul. It’s a consequential week for the president and his party. Republicans reject Biden’s package as too big. And they won’t vote for more borrowing to pay past debts.

Associated Press

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