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El Paso Border Patrol vehicle runs over migrant during search near Ysleta Port of Entry

border patrol vehicle
A Border Patrol vehicle is seen on patrol in this file photo.

EL PASO, Texas -- An El Paso sector Border Patrol agent ran over a 29-year-old Mexican migrant with a vehicle during a search near the Ysleta Port of Entry earlier this month, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman confirmed Thursday.

Agents were searching for three migrants just west of the Ysleta Port of Entry around 9 p.m. July 1 when an agent “inadvertently ran over" one of the migrants, spokesman Roger Maier said in a statement to ABC-7.

"While fleeing, one member of the group attempted to avoid detection by hiding in tall brush. During a search of the area, an agent inadvertently ran over the hidden 29-year-old Mexican man with his vehicle," Maier said.

"The man sustained non-life threatening injuries to his leg and torso. He was treated (at University Medical Center) and medically cleared July 3 and returned to Mexico," Maier added.

This incident happened within a week of a car crash that followed a Border Patrol chase on Paisano Avenue through downtown El Paso, in which seven people were killed and three others seriously injured.

Border Patrol officials have said the car was pursued because it was involved in a human smuggling attempt; but the agency maintains it stopped the pursuit before the crash happened - a claim that has been disputed by some eyewitnesses.

Meantime, the July 1 incident is not the first occasion when a Border Patrol agent has struck an undocumented migrant with a vehicle. But the circumstances this time were much different from the last notable case.

A border agent in Arizona was sentenced late last year after pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges for intentionally running over a Guatemalan migrant. In text messages discussing the incident, court documents had said the agent referred to migrants as “subhuman" and "savages."

El Paso Congresswoman Veronica Escobar tweeted Thursday that the "terrible incident" on July 1 reinforced the need for greater accountability and oversight of the Border Patrol's parent agency, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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  1. You’re an idiot Escobar and a disgrace to El Paso. It was 9 o’clock at night. The criminal ILLEGAL ALIEN was probably ran ot in front tryin to to evade arrest. What good would body cams do? HE WAS DRIVING A VEHICLE? I know you have feet like Barney Rubble lady but BP vehicles are not like your open air Flintstone mobile. Please resign. You are worthless.

      1. Coming from you that is a compliment. I’m honored to be called a moron by a low-life, incompetent, communist A-hole like you.

  2. If this migrant was intentionally run over by the BP then the BP officer should be charged with assault, but if the victim has already been deported, that would be difficult.. Escobar’s efforts would deal with misconduct by BP officials covering up misconduct using rapid deportations. That needs to become law.

    1. Read the article idiot. It says “inadvertently ran over” meaning an accident. No criminal intent. You trying to make more fake news like you always do? Escobar is a feckless Democrap that has done nothing to help El Paso.

      1. That’s the question. Was it an accident? The only witness was deported before it could be properly investigated. Escobar’s bill would prevent that.

        1. Any bill proposed by Escobar would be DOA. Escobar expressed she wants open borders and no wall. The COVID-19 would be so bad in El Paso that you’d have to move. Head to Venezuela you communist.

  3. Lady magga, if being a person who cares about others and warns about the politicians running roughshod over America’s principles of fair justice and equality for all is a Communist, then by all means call me a Communist.

  4. Sounds like we have an outbreak of “McCarthy disease”. Thats where a person who doesn’t even know what “communism” is calls everything he doesn’t understand, “communism”.

    1. Some of the causes of this disorder are being continually beat up by other kids on the school yard as a child, having alcoholic parents, being forced to attend “Sunday school” as as child, and having parents with little or no education.

    2. wow, That’s rich coming from an A-ole like you who calls EVERYONE who doesn’t agree with, no matter how wrong you are, a Nazi, moron, an idiot. You’re such a liberal hypocrite. Markturner – “Believe my liberal propaganda or else”. You’re the bully. You have all the signs.

  5. estupid escobar needs to go incognito and cross the river at night and get run over by the BP. That way she’ll be convinced it was the illegals fault. Then if she survives she can increase funding for the BP.

    1. You do know the election isn’t until November 3? Typical libturd counting his chickens before they hatch. You still butt sore over Hillary’s loss back in 2016? Pull up a 2016 electoral map and enjoy history repeating itself moron. But…but…but she won the popular vote. LMAO.

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