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Federal judge strikes down Trump asylum restrictions before they take effect


PHOENIX (AP) - A federal judge has blocked the Trump administration’s most sweeping set of asylum restrictions less than two weeks before President-elect Joe Biden takes office.

The new rules had been set to take effect Monday. The ruling Friday has limited immediate impact because the government has largely suspended asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border during the coronavirus pandemic, citing public health concerns.

Still, letting the rules take effect would have been felt by some who can still claim asylum and make it significantly more difficult for all asylum-seekers once pandemic-related measures are lifted.

The Trump administration argued that the measures were an appropriate response to a system rife with abuse. But the judge says the acting Homeland Security secretary lacks authority.

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      1. MAGAturd, you are the biggest source of shit in El Paso. You’re right about refugees not wanting to move to the U.S. with all of the psychotic, racist, cop-killing terrorists known as Trumptards.

        1. They aren’t refugees and no one is coming here for “asylum”. They’re coming for free shit and no other reason. Those who want to contribute are doing it legally, no matter how long it takes, regardless of what ignorant Mark Turner spews from his ignorant pie hole.

          1. No Jeff. Calling people morons, idiots, stupid and pendejo is how seniors on this forum express themselves. It is what it is I guess.

      2. Original maga you must know. All them lazy military fks fking injuries upping their disabilities. All over town. Free loaders! We all have one in each block. Ptsd because they got yelled at. Lol. 10% disability.

    2. Texas it giving the covid vaccine to persons regardless of nationality. Mexicans from all over will flood El Paso for the free vaccines they don’t stand a chance of getting down there!

  1. Couldn have done it without you trump. Thanks for the full control! Without your stupidity and your followers, it couldn’t have been done.

  2. One thing for sure. Republicans won’t be in charge for generations now. The orange buffoon has done more for the Democrats than anyone could have.

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