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El Paso prepares for ‘possible migrant surge’ amid Biden immigration policy changes

migrant women
Migrant women at the El Paso Del Norte Processing Center during the 2019 surge.

EL PASO, Texas — El Paso city leaders said late Wednesday they were coordinating with federal immigration enforcement agencies to "prepare for a possible migrant surge."

Officials, in a brief statement, said they were also in contact with local nonprofit and community groups that have traditionally provided migrant aid.

El Paso's Emergency Management Office said it was planning to assist with "transportation, temporary housing, and safety and security support" as needed.

"The proactive preparation have been activated in response to possible immigration policy changes at the federal level," the city statement said, with officials noting an influx of migrants could prove a more complex humanitarian challenge than past surges due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With President Joe Biden's inauguration earlier Wednesday came word of a number of planned immigration policy initiatives including...

  • Homeland Security pausing some deportations for 100 days.
  • An executive order ending the national emergency diverting millions of dollars to the border wall.
  • An immigration bill being sent to Congress that provides a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and embraces DACA.
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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Thanks, Biden! Just what we need during a pandemic! I believe I heard on the news just after Christmas that 30% of businesses in El Paso have closed since the start of the pandemic. El Paso has enough on its plate. You can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself.

  2. When they say “preparing” does that mean that Veronica Pleters is getting her staff ready to undermine immigration law? Why isn’t her office going to Juarez now to provide legal assistance? Hey KVIA did you guys forget that happened that sounds like a great story….. nah they’re all hacks. So when Trump was trying to deal with it she sends lawyers to help them and now that “President biden” is in office she doesn’t send any. Yeah she REALLY cares about the immigrants. Cmon KVIA do I gotta write the whole damn story for you, it ain’t hard

  3. We have plenty of work for them, welcome. To replace the lazy white military malingering maggots. The likes of madmike and his 7 man band. Sit at home sissies.

    1. No. You are wrong. We do not have enough work for them. Look at the unemployment report. El Paso has a 25% poverty rate.

      We do not have the tax base to support them.

  4. All of you “moderate democrats”, that have manufacturing jobs here in El Paso, voted yourselves out of jobs. Biden will send those jobs right the hell back to China and Mexico. Biden is all about the money. If there is no bribe in it for him, you ain’t getting it! There is no democrat party anymore, the national party morphed into the “socialist” party in 2016, and left you moderates behind.

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