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Mexican lawmakers approve bill to legalize recreational marijuana use


MEXICO CITY, Mexico – Lawmakers in Mexico on Wednesday approved a bill to legalize recreational marijuana, which could make the nation the world’s largest cannabis market.

The news agency Reuters said Mexico’s lower house of Congress approved the bill on a 316-127 vote. The measure now heads to the Senate for its review and approval.

The bill is backed by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who has argued that decriminalizing cannabis and other narcotics could help combat Mexico’s powerful drug cartels whose feuds have led to violence for years.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



    1. No it doesn’t. Marijuana is a gateway drug to other more illicit drugs. The cartels will just come up with the next market, the next Bath Salts, the next Spice, the next Fyntenal. You can’t legalize everything.

      1. The gateway theory is an old redneck wives tale. True it is usually the first of ‘illegal’ substances to be used by first timers but so is the legal addictions of Cigs and booze. Regardless if weed existed or not addicts and users would still move on to the others. It’s about parenting, education, role models and the environment kids grow up in. I have a residence in Mazatlan and it’s unreal how many of the well to do 70+ ex-pat old ladies abuse the oxy’s and other pain killers down there and they probably admonished pot all their lives. Same with steroids for muscle heads in Mexico.

    2. Come on maaaaaan get out from under your rock and join us in the real world. Weed is not even a faucet drip to the cartels. They’ve been out of it for years. Meth is #1 now followed by fentanyl, ecstasy, heroin, oxys and coke. Weed is bulky and the biggest drug abuser country, the USA has plenty of it’s own. Any weed coming into the USA from Mexico is the northern border state hillbillies bringing it. And it’s crappy seedy smoke.

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