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El Paso families turn to TikTok to bond during virus quarantine

EL PASO, Texas-- For many of us, social media is place we turn to for entertainment and information during the coronavirus, but there’s an app that’s providing an escape for families during this stressful time.

You’ve probably seen Tik Tok videos all over the place, and you probably roll your eyes at the thought of ever downloading the app. These days, TikTok is making quarantine time a little more bearable for kids and their parents.

“My dad found the dance off a Buzzfeed article and he called us over to his room and told us that he wanted to learn the dance so we taught it to him," said sisters Alejandra and Andrea Chee.

For the sisters, teaching their dad to do the "blinding lights dance challenge" on TikTok was a nice escape from self-isolation.

“I think for a solid hours it just had us all doing one thing instead of just being in our rooms. We weren't isolated from one another. We were all together,” said the sisters.

Although the app was intended to be a way for kids and teens to have a good laugh, these days it’s becoming a way for kids to bond over technology with their parents.

“This has really helped us bond a lot with Kayleen as well because during the videos you get to work together and it’s a lot of fun.”

Erika Martinez and her family decided to spend their free time at home making TikTok videos. Their first TikTok video together featured them practicing safe cleaning techniques. Fitting for today’s current situation.

“Doing the videos was fun and seeing them laugh definitely makes me happy,” said Kayleen, Erika's daughter.

So whether you’re a fan of the app or not, some of us can agree that TikTok is giving us all a chance to have some fun again in the comfort of our own homes.

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Iris Lopez

Iris Lopez is a weathercaster and reporter for ABC-7.



  1. Ironic! From the same country that caused the COVID-19 pandemic aka Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus. Who?……China. “TikTok is owned by Beijing-based tech company ByteDance”.

  2. So to cope with a virus that originated in China and that the Chinese Communist government FAILED to contain, people are turning to a Communist Chinese owned app? China is a 3rd world country pretending to be a 1st world country, I hope the US government holds them accountable after we get this under control.

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