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Retail showdown: Walmart, Amazon, Target having blowout sales

walmart pandemic shopping
Getty Images via CNN
Customer wearing a face shield shops at a Walmart store .

Big competitors Walmart, Amazon and Target are having blowout sales events to try and win over shoppers.

  • Walmart's event starts this Sunday, Oct. 11 and runs through Thursday, Oct. 15.
  • Amazon's Prime Day is next week, with the two-day event running Oct. 13 and 14.
  • Target will run its Deal Days event during the same time Amazon holds Prime Day.

With so many sales options, there are plenty of ways for you to save - and Consumer Reports is offering tips to help you score the best deals.

For Amazon, it recommends downloading the app, which allows you to get a sneak peak at the deals coming up. And use Amazon's free assistant plug-in that lets you comparison shop and get alerts when deals go live.

Speaking of comparison shopping, make sure you check Walmart and Target to see what price they offer.

But you may have to move fast as some Amazon deals expire quickly without notice. Amazon's Lightning Deals, for example, can last for just a few minutes or until the item sells out.

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