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El Paso businesses now being cited for violating county’s shutdown order due to virus

EP Constables
An El Paso County Constable unit that has responded to a call.

EL PASO, Texas -- Several El Paso business have now received citations for being in violation of the county's shutdown order aimed at stemming the rise of coronavirus cases in the community.

ABC-7 confirmed with representatives for three restaurants that their locations were cited by sheriff's and constable deputies: The Don Carbon Mesquite Grill in Anthony, the Great American Steakhouse in Vinton and the Corralito Steakhouse on Airway Boulevard in the city of El Paso.

Representatives for the Don Carbon and Great American restaurants say several deputies entered their locations, gave managers citations and ordered the closure of dine-in services. 

A spokesman for the Constable's Office confirmed several citations were issued Saturday. Deputies can either be dispatched to a location that is the subject of a violation complaint or stop by a business or gathering they observe that is believed to be out of compliance.

The co-founder of Don Carbon says, like many business owners, she's confused by the different messages from local leaders, with the county judge insisting his order is valid - and the mayor of El Paso saying it is not.

“As local business owners, we just seek clarity. We are not trying to impede strategy to flatten the curve or break the law by any means but we do need clear guidance and support from the community leaders, like what’s the right thing to do," said Tania Peregrino.

“There's like a fight on powers, there’s no collaboration within in the leaders, that’s what needs to be clear,” she added.

The Constable's Office was unable to give provide detailed information about how many businesses or individuals have been cited over the weekend. That information is expected to be released Monday.

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Brianna Chavez

Brianna Chavez is an ABC-7 reporter/producer.



    1. One restaurant owner claimed to be confused about who was right. The mayor or the judge. When this owner goes to pay the fine, the cashier at the JP’s office will clear it up for his ass when he hands them the fine money.

        1. Since I’m a cotton farmer and residential rental property owner, the orange buffoon has cut my income considerably. China buys most of its cotton from India now and, thanks to the orange buffoon’s negligent response to the virus, some of my tenants have been unable to pay their rent.

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      1. comrade turner, you can’t pick a government code like you pick your ass to justify an illegal act by a stupid judge. Go back and read it this time and wipe your ass with it. Sam the diego will be reprimanded for his misjudgement.

        1. Stop your bitching. And if you don’t like the laws then run for city council and fight it. Bet they wouldn’t vote for you, even for city dog catcher.

    1. We have people who voted for the orange buffoon. Obviously some people cannot make wise decisions, so that won’t work. After these people become infected, how do we keep them from infecting others?

      1. in case you didn’t notice there’s really no way to stop the spread. Its being spread at home and not inside businesses. People need to isolate from their elderly and vulnerable. People also news to be honest about their health cause they are at risk

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