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Alcohol prices spike, frustrating Borderland customers

EL PASO, Texas – Bar patrons tell ABC-7 that they are paying almost double for any drink with spirits in it.

This comes after prices have risen throughout the country due to inflation brought on by the pandemic.

The owner of House of Rock, Nicole Stewart, expressed how frustrated she is with raising prices so quickly.

“It was sad to change prices.  It went from $3 all day to normal $4 happy and $6 after,” Stewart shared.

ABC-7 spoke with spirit rep. Nicholas Mendoza at Ben E. Keith, a spirits distributor, to find out why they raised their prices.

Mendoza said “It is not a shortage in product, it's the logistics and inflation.  Also prices do rise once a year due to fuel cost, transportation and operating expenses.”

Edwin Delgado

Edwin Delgado is an ABC-7 producer.



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