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‘Massive stash of stolen property’ discovered by Doña Ana County Sheriff’s deputies leads to 2 arrests

stolen property
A stolen car and other property recovered in Las Cruces after deputies uncovered a massive theft stash.

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico -- Doña Ana County Sheriff’s deputies have uncovered what they call a "massive stash of stolen property" at two homes along Hermanitas Place in Las Cruces.

Sheriff Kim Stewart said Thursday that the discovery came as deputies responded to tip received about the location of a stolen RV.

Deputies ended up finding numerous stolen cars, ATVs, generators and other stolen property from surrounding homes, businesses and construction sites.

Two men have been arrested in the case. Authorities said Marcus Anthony Ortiz and Jaime Lopez Garcia are believed to be the "major players" in what was an organized theft ring.

"Our belief is that every night these two individuals just headed out and seized and burglarized and committed thefts pretty much all night long,” Stewart said.

She called it the largest theft recovery that she has ever experienced in her law enforcement career.

"It's shocking," the sheriff said. "In one home, there are a number of items, it's shoulder to shoulder inside with property. I have never - and I was a burglary detective for six years myself, I've recovered a lot of property in my previous agencies - but nothing like this. This is beyond measure."

Stewart said detectives would categorize and identify the stolen property, then they will begin contacting the owners of the items.

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    1. Dona Ana is primarily democrat so it is clear that they have no idea what the meaning of “honest” or “work” is. They only understand concepts like corruption, hate, violence and theft. Enough said.

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