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El Paso man arrested for animal cruelty after allegedly tossing dog out of car at intersection

EL PASO, Texas — An El Paso man was jailed on $2,000 bond for alleged animal cruelty after witnesses say he dumped his dog in the middle of a busy intersection, police said Wednesday.

31 –year-old Manuel Alberto Soto Jr. is accused of abandoning a Pit-bull mix dog on an afternoon last month at Lomita Drive and Eastland Street.

Detectives said a witness watched Soto "speed off as the dog chased after the vehicle. After following the vehicle a short distance, the witness returned to the intersection to find the scared dog whining, waiting for her owner to return."

Soto was being held in the downtown jail on a misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty and abandonment.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



    1. Discrepancy here uva. Headline says toss, but the article says dumped? So which is it? I’d still hurt this guy legally, but I need to know which law to apply. Fake news is still fake news after the investigation is done. Abandoning a dog is bad enough but did he really toss the animal out the window or something? Not enough info here. Am I wrong?

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