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Fun at-home rainbow experiment to do with your kids during the virus outbreak from ABC-7 StormTRACK

skittles 2
skittles 2

Everything is brighter with rainbows even a windy day! Making a Skittles rainbow is a quick, colorful science experiment that will engage your kid's creativity. This experiment will teach kids about color mixing and how sugar dissolves in water.

Science: Explore the design and construction of the skittles rainbow.

Technology: Documentation of learning.

Engineering: Simple attempts at design and construction.

Math: Explore patterns, patterning, colors, lines, and time.

One large bag of skittles

Two plates

Two cups (to hold warm and cold water)


Pencil (record findings)

Invite kids to arrange Skittles in a color pattern around the edge of a paper plate. Arrange the skittles and choose one of the liquids to begin. Pour the liquid slowly onto the center of the plate and observe closely.

Start the timer as soon as all the liquid is poured onto the plate.

Repeat the steps above with the second liquid – compare the differences.

You can also test this out with M&M's.

Getting The M&M Rainbow Science Experiment Ready:

You Will Need:



Warm Water

The chocolate inside of M&M’s are covered by a hard, crunchy shell that is made up of sugar and the different colored dye. When the warm water mixes with the sugary shell, the sugar dissolves and the different colored dye begins to run and blend.

Test it out and let me know how it goes. www.kvia/share

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Nichole Gomez

Nichole Gomez is the ABC-7 StormTRACKer on Good Morning El Paso and a fill-in anchor.


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