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UTEP releases fall course schedule with online focus; foreign students face obstacles

EL PASO, Texas -- UTEP's fall course schedule was released Tuesday, and because of Covid-19, it is far different than last year's schedule.

The university will hold in-person instruction, but it will be very limited and classrooms that do have face-to-face will have social distancing between students. UTEP will also offer hybrid instruction, which is a combination of both in-person, as well as virtual classes.

According to UTEP President Heather Wilson, the university normally offers around 3,800 different sections, or in-person courses. In the past, only 12 percent of those classes were offered on line, but now only 100 courses will be strictly in-person instruction. The fall 2020 course schedule can be viewed at

Classrooms will hold fewer students given Covid-19 restrictions. The maximum number of students in large classroom settings will be 50 students per class.

If students have an in-classroom course and don't feel safe returning to classrooms, faculty will work with students to make sure they will have access to that course either online or possibly record the course for future viewing.

Wilson said the university will work with students who don't have access to technology with funding from both the CARES Act, as well as private funding, to provide them with the technology they need to successfully achieve their educational needs.

Besides fewer in-person classrooms, and more online courses, the university will also offer free Covid-19 testing. Wilson said biology, epidemiology and information technology staff are setting up a system to test large numbers of students on campus every day when they return this fall.

In previous years, as many as 7,000 students would show up to campus during the fall semester. But this fall, the university expects fewer than 800 students to be on campus at a time.

Meanwhile, international students in the U.S. face a new challenge, after Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced students could face deportation if universities switch to online courses only.

UTEP is home to more than 1,400 international students, leaving some fearful that their futures could be put on hold.

"There are only two purposes for these rules. One to punish international students, or two, to open up university campuses and either of those are cruel," said UTEP Prof. Todd Curry.

The university is working with students on an individual basis, and those with questions are being told to reach out to UTEP's Office of International Programs.

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  1. ICE will be stopped since the policy is arbitrary and capricious and it serves no legitimate governmental interest. A typical anti-American hate motivated orange buffoon policy.

    1. It will be a simple 2 page double-spaced original petition that a first year law student could draft and present to the nearest U.S. District Clerk for filing.

      1. So delusional. Hey moron you don’t double space original petitions filed in federal court or state court. Regular line spacing only. Obviously you were never a first year law student. Too dumb. Plus the filing fee is a few hundred dollars now which you can’t afford. Nothing is free.

    2. The Foreign Student Visa Program like the F1 program is arbitrary and capricious? Nothing hateful about it. Obviously you are not a foreign student so you have no real knowledge of the facts. In other words a shit house lawyer.

  2. They are only here to attend school. If school is virtual they can do that from home. ICE is doing their damn job you anti law enforcement liberal disease.

    1. The students have legal recourse. ICE is not doing their job if they engage in acts that have no legitimate governmental purpose. This cowardly act can and will be enjoined by the courts. Has nothing to do with being anti or pro law enforcement. It has to do with the rule of law which the orange buffoon has no respect for.

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      1. Obviously from this rant it becomes clear that you do not have even a layman’s understanding of the law. It’s also clear that you are not intellectually capable of even discussing the issue.

        1. Typical response from you, “I can’t dispute what you say so I’ll just call you an idiot and declare myself victorious”. Please start posting facts and backing it with data not just the nonsense that pops into your tiny little brain.

          1. I just gave you the facts idiot. The ICE policy will most likely be enjoined by a court. Government agencies by law may not act in an arbitrary and capricious manner, and their acts must have a rational connection to a legitimate governmental interest.

  3. Empathy for others is not a liberal disease, lady. It is a badge of honor. Hate and intolerance is your badge of shame which you so proudly display every chance you get. Democrats are not anti law, lady, they, we are very much for law and order just not your version where the law means abusing minorities, immigrants and no police force accountability.

    1. Big difference between empathy and aiding and abetting criminals. Funny you should mention accountability. Note it’s the democrat run cities that allow those few lawless police offices to abuse minorities. No one abuses immigrants. Are ILLEGAL ALIENS taken into custody and detained? Yes. They are criminals. There is no right or wrong version of law and order.Rules and laws exist for a reason. You break them, you pay the consequences established by law. Simple.

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        1. Hey moron they are called student visas. You might want to do some research before spouting off your ignorance. Foreign student visa programs like the standard F1 have rules to follow. Abuse it lose it.

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      1. You have a right to your opinion but when in the exercise of that opinion, you support treason and malfeasance in office, others have a right to confront you.

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