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LCPS set dates for high school proms with Covid precautions

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico -- After the mayhem of the so-called "secret prom," all high schools in the Las Cruces Public Schools district now have a date for an approved prom locked in.

Las Cruces High School will be this Friday, April 23rd. Arrowhead Park Early College High School will be May 1st, Mayfield High School May 8th and Centennial and Onate High Schools will have theirs May 15th. 

But how can these schools put on a prom and it not be considered a mass gathering?

"We take to extreme measures the safety of our students, constant mask wearing, hand sanitizer, opportunities for hand washing, being outside and being socially distanced,” Kelly Jameson, an LCPS spokesperson, said. “We know those things mitigate the spread of Covid-19 more so than being in mass gathering that's indoors, not socially distanced and not following safety protocols such as wearing a mask."

Yes there will be proms, but they will look a lot different to a typical prom. 

"Something unique to 2021, you're going to see grid lines on dance floors so students will be confined to a dance square all on their own,” Jameson said. 

Students will be required to stay in their square for the remainder of the song but they will not have to stay in the same square all night.

Other guidelines include - all proms being outdoors, masks being worn at all times and enough teachers and administrators there to ensure Covid-19 protocols are being followed.

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