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With over 500 active Covid cases in El Paso’s 4 largest school districts, mask debate may reignite

EL PASO, Texas -- As cases begin to rise among school aged children in El Paso, the Texas ban on mask mandates has been momentarily restored by the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Prior to this, schools with children with disabilities were able to enforce a mask mandate, although no schools within the El Paso area were doing so.

Among the four largest school districts in El Paso, there are currently 511 active Covid-19 cases.

As of Nov. 28, the El Paso Independent School District had 53 active cases. During the week of Nov. 15 - 21, Canutillo Independent School District had 103 positive cases. As of Nov. 18, Socorro Independent School District had 270 active student cases and another 54 active employee cases. While Yselta Independent School District had 31 positive cases and 115 close contacts.

EPISD spokesperson Gustavo Reveles told ABC-7 that there are roughly 2,700 students that qualify for special service, meaning they either have a physical or mental disability.

Reveles also said as of this time, the district isn't planning to talk about mask mandates at the next school board meeting. But if the lawsuit working its way through the courts prevails and the school board then decided on enforcing masks, Reveles said the district would follow those orders.

Rachel Phillips



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