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Online violent threats targeting LCPS determined by police to be ‘not credible’

Security personnel outside the LCPS district offices.
Security personnel outside the LCPS district offices.

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico -- A series of threats targeting the Las Cruces Public Schools have been made on social media in recent days, but police said Tuesday they had determined those threats to lack credibility.

As a result of the police determination, school officials said there were no lockdowns and classes were taking place as usual across the district.

At least four LCPS schools - Las Cruces High, Organ Mountain High, Sierra Middle School and Camino Real Middle School - were mentioned in the threats which investigators for Las Cruces police and the New Mexico State Police determined "were not local and not credible."

In addition, some of the threats were old and being shared on social media as if they were new, officials indicated.

The online threats had prompted calls from concerned parents to the school district, but Superintendent Ralph Ramos urged parents to trust the findings of the police probe and refrain from pulling their children out of school.

In the statement, he emphasized that school and police officials take all threats seriously, but the investigation found no cause for concern in this case.

“Any threat to our students – whether credible or not – has our attention and we will immediately work with law enforcement to protect our campuses. When there is an incident attracting national attention, such as the recent tragedy in Michigan, similar threats surface elsewhere. Our schools are not immune, and we will avail every resource to ensure our students are safe. 

We urge families to trust our law enforcement partners to determine when a credible threat is made. In that event, we will do whatever it takes to secure our campuses. We remain vigilant and will communicate any changes with our students, staff and families.” 

School and police officials continued to encourage students and parents to immediately report any threats of violence to authorities - and they emphasized that those making threats, even if a hoax, could face criminal charges.

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.


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