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Do you know what Proposition 5 is? Texas voters to decide on state parks funding in November

A seven-city tour to secure the future of funding for state and local parks is underway and pulled into the Franklin Mountains on Monday.

Anna Farrell-Sherman is part of a group that is currently hiking their way through 13 parks to promote Proposition 5.

Proposition 5 is a constitutional amendment to dedicate funds from the sporting goods sales tax to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

“There are places at state parks where their bathrooms and campgrounds have been closed for years because they don’t have enough money,” said Farrell-Sherman.

At each stop, the group is working to raise awareness about Prop. 5 before voters hit the polls on Nov. 5.

“We are already paying this tax no matter what,” said Farrell-Sherman. “Prop. 5 guarantees the money we pay goes to where it is supposed to.”

As far as the Borderland is concerned, Prop 5 would mean more money to preserve the Franklin Mountains.

Additionally, the Prop 5 ballot measure would prohibit the state legislature from decreasing funding for parks and historical agencies by more than 50%.

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