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El Paso

Number of applicants for multi-million dollar El Paso shooting victims’ fund is revealed

EL PASO, Texas -- One Fund El Paso, the organization created to handle donations for victims in the wake of the Aug. 3 mass shooting at the Cielo Vista Walmart, said it had received over 366 applications as of Friday night's deadline to apply for aid.

The organization told ABC-7 that of the applications it had received, 31 were from family members of shooting victims who died, 35 were from victims claiming physical injuries and another 300 were received from people saying they suffered psychological trauma.

What happens next?

"We have to take the next couple of weeks to review everyone's application... make sure it's correct, make sure it's true and bonafide so that we can disperse the funds with integrity, with confidence according to the severity of the impact everyone felt on August the third," explained Sanjay Mathur, the program officer for the El Paso Community Foundation.

The fund has raised over $9.3 million in gifts from the public that it plans to disperse by year's end.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Great job of collecting the money. Spoke to administrators involved and they assured me ALL money will be disbursed and no percentage will be kept back for administration fees. They told me ALL the work put in for administration will not reduce the collected amount. LETS SEE IF ALL IS DISBURSED AS STATED!

  2. “psychological trauma” What is that exactly? What causes it? What exactly defines it?
    I went to see The Joker movie the other night. I actually saw four or five people get out of the theater because they could not stand the fake violence in the movie? Is that psychological trauma too?
    I know some police officers and x-servicemen that are certified PTSD. But they were actually involved in serious and deadly situations. What does a customer filling up with gas at SAM’s that saw some commotion at Walmart have to to with psychological trauma when all they participated was gassing up at the pump?

  3. Fero not all of the people applying are being fraudulent. You weren’t there and I can’t imagine having had to witness that horrific scene. Shame on you for being so jaded.

  4. Only family who lost loved ones should get it. Psychological trauma, BS. Get over it snowflakes. Man up and get on with your life. I did, even after being shot at numerous times in Vietnam.

    1. K1DPR you weren’t there so you should edit your remarks. In Vietnam you know you are in a combat situation not shopping casually with family on a Saturday. Why are you guys so angry?

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