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El Paso

El Paso Streetcar stops running due to virus outbreak

streetcar el paso
An El Paso streetcar makes its way along a route.

EL PASO, Texas -- The El Paso Streetcar will be suspending all operations on Sunday in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

For anyone who relies on the Streetcar to get around downtown El Paso, officials said they should plan on riding the Sun Metro instead. The bus service is waiving all fairs beginning Sunday. Other services that will provide free rides around town include fixed route, BRIO and Lift services.

Sun Metro also announced changes Saturday to how riders should enter and exit the bus as a virus precaution. All passengers nned to board and exit the buses through the rear doors, officials said, noting exceptions will be made for anyone who has accessibility needs and requires the use of the drop-down ramps.

Sun Metro officials said all bus passengers are encouraged to leave two empty seats between themselves and others in accordance with social distancing norms.

For more information about Sun Metro's current operations, passengers should feel free to follow this link.

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