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‘He’s not by himself’: Youngest survivor of Aug. 3 El Paso mass shooting turns 1-year-old

EL PASO, Texas -- Nine months ago, an El Paso mother and father died shielding their infant son from a mass shooter.

This weekend, baby Paul Gilbert Anchondo turned one.

“We want him to remember that everybody here in the El Paso area and our community is supporting him, that he’s not by himself," said Gilbert Anchondo, the baby's grandfather.

On Aug. 3, a shooter killed 23 people at the Cielo Vista Walmart, including Andre and Jordan Anchondo. Both parents made national headlines when they died shielding their son, who was carried away from the danger by a kind stranger.

The child's family hosted a parade Saturday to honor the child's survival of El Paso's most tragic day.

“He’s a symbol of the goodness that came out of it because he brought everyone even more so together," said motorcyclist Joshua Hernandez who participated in the parade.

"Unfortunately his parents aren’t going to be here to celebrate his birthday with him, so we’re going to step up and make sure he has a great first year birthday," said Eduardo Prieto, another motorcyclist who rode in the parade.

Jerry Najera

Jerry Najera is an ABC-7 reporter/photographer.

Kate Bieri

Kate Bieri is ABC-7’s New Mexico Mobile Newsroom reporter and co-anchors ABC-7’s weekend evening newscasts.



  1. A great representation of “love, culture, unity, peace, and assimilation”. Versus the opposite: Hate, complex of superiority, racism, intolerance.

    1. All of us must take this young survivor into our hearts and try to do a little something good each day to make El Paso a safe and loving place for him to grow up in. In this way we will overcome the evil spawned by the likes of the orange buffoon.

      1. Why don’t you make some positive comments on this blog? Why waste your time trying to spread hate and ignorance? The orange buffoon will be gone soon and you will have to find a way to live in harmony with your community.

  2. Meanwhile the stupid moron in charge and his low IQ carnival leftovers speaking about conducting nuclear tests. Lol. The orang orangutan with his immigrant wife desperate.

  3. No one who is a true and real American would dream of bashing immigrants since being an immigrant is one of the most “American” characteristics of our great country. Legal or illegal; doesn’ t mean a damn thing. The only folks around here who aren’t immigrants are the poor folks of the Navajo Nation who are still suffering from our efforts to inflict genocide on them.

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