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2 new virus deaths in El Paso; case total now surpasses 3,500

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EL PASO, Texas (KVIA) -- The El Paso Department of Public Health reported two new coronavirus deaths Tuesday morning.

The death toll now stands at 93.

The latest victims were two men in their 70s and 80s, each with underlying health conditions.

With 59 new cases, there have now been 3,512 total cases. The health department reported 2,369 recovered cases, which leaves 1,050 active cases.

Hospitalizations now stand at 95, with 61 patients in the ICU, and 29 patients are on ventilators -- a decrease of five.

Free coronavirus testing has been extended in El Paso County until June 12.

For a detailed look at the latest coronavirus data from the health department, click here.

Mauricio Casillas

El Paso native Mauricio Casillas co-anchors ABC-7’s Good Morning El Paso.



  1. So what are the authorities blaming now for the increase and no leveling or downward trend? Obviously it won’t be any new cases due to the violation of social distancing at BLM/Floyd protests aka riots. One big farce.

    1. A couple idiots (3 maybe?) got arrested out of hundreds that protested. Yet you lump them all together. The only farce here is your thought process. The lack of social distancing from protests from both the Floyd gatherings and the ones in various places rallying against closures will take their toll as the incubation period goes along. That’s called science, a class you may have skipped in order to play with Legos.

      1. BTW – I see the Michigan capitol “peaceful” protest that occurred several weeks ago on April 30 is still bugging you. Nice comparison of apples to oranges. Any COVID-19 cases or deaths as a result? At least they weren’t violent and destructive like the leftist BLM/Floyd protests.

  2. Stop the Presses! Trump just might have made the stupidest comment yet. He reposted a comment by a Far-Right web site that says the 75 year old protestor who was pushed down by Buffalo cops is Antifa. And that it was all staged. Buffoon is too good a word to call this idiot they call President

    1. Obviously you didn’t watch the video. It’s at OANN the so called far right web site. The so called innocent 75 year old was a professional leftist protester, monitored the police with a scanner and then deliberately approached the police doing riot control. It sure looks staged. Much to do about nothing since he is white.

      1. President Trump didn’t have to say anything. The hilarious video speaks itself. The Buffalo police officers should be given back their jobs.

        1. So now you idiots are saying he was a professional protester! You’ll say anything to protect your imbecile president. I suppose he fell on purpose and cracked his head? Stop watching Fox News it’s rotting your mind. Where do you guys live? In an Alice in Wonderland place?

          1. You watching too much fake news CNN and MSNBC again Alberto? It was widely known he was a professional protester. Protesting as far back as 2012 when he became woke. I only see one idiot here.

        2. What’s hilarious? That a feeble old man was pushed by Nazi storm troopers and lay bleeding on the ground? You have to be the most callous and stupid person on Earth. Trump sucked the soul out of you. Hope someone on the street does that to you so everybody can laugh as you lie bleeding. Pendejo!

          1. So I take it you didn’t watch the video. If you did what were you smoking Alberto? No way a jury will convict the police officers. You are clearly delusional and your TDS is getting worse. BTW – How was your 420 day? LMAO.

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