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Mural in downtown El Paso honors artist with a bent for social activism

new mural
This new mural in downtown El Paso honors artist Patrick Gabaldon.

EL PASO, Texas -- A new mural decorates downtown El Paso, honoring a local artist who puts his talents to use promoting social justice causes.

The new mural, painted by Jesus “Cimi” Alvarado, honors Patrick Gabaldon.

The mural, located at 1230 Texas Avenue, honors Gabaldon, who uses his work to support causes related to migrant children, Black Lives Matters, LGBTQ issues and other social justice movements.

Most recently, Gabaldon used his work to raise money for the victims of the Aug. 3 shooting.

The mural is funded by Estrella Jalisco, which is doing similar projects in 100 communities across the nation.

David Burge


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