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Carbajal endorses Leeser for mayor, says El Paso ‘cannot withstand another 4 years’ of Margo

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Candidate-supplied photos
Left to right: Margo, Leeser, Carbajal.

EL PASO, Texas -- The third-place finisher in this month's El Paso mayoral voting is now throwing her support behind the front-runner in his upcoming runoff to unset incumbent Mayor Dee Margo.

Veronica Carbajal officially endorsed Oscar Leeser in a social media post on Wednesday night, telling her supporters: "Our City cannot withstand another 4 years of Dee Margo."

On the November ballot in a crowded six-person field, Leeser led the way by a significant margin with 87,810 votes or 42.4%. Margo was a distant second with 51,186 votes or 24.7%, while Carbajal finished on the mayor's heels in third with 45,340 votes or 21.9%.

Because no candidate amassed 51% of the vote to win the mayor's office outright, a Dec. 12 runoff was slated between the top two vote-getters with early voting set to start on Nov. 25.

"He is the better candidate in the upcoming run-off election," Carbajal said of Leesser.

Carbajal would've been the first Latina hold the mayor's office had she won. She is an attorney who currently represents Duranguito tenants in their repeated opposition to the proposed demolition of their neighborhood so that an arena can be built; the arena project has been championed by Margo.

During his four years in office, Margo has faced turbulent times beyond just a series of court battles over the planned downtown arena. Other turmoil he's seen has included a surge in immigration, the Walmart mass shooting, and now the Covid-19 pandemic.

Margo, a longtime businessman and former Republican state legislator, may face the biggest challenge of his tenure in the runoff against Lesser, who is seeking a return to the city's top elective office which he held from 2013 to 2017.

Leeser, the well-known owner of the El Paso Hyundai car dealership, decided not to seek re-election when his term was up, clearing the way for what would be Margo's election to the post. Four years later, Lesser has launched a comeback bid to challenge Margo for the city leadership mantle.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



      1. Trump isn’t a Republican. He’s more like a 60s/70s Democrat, trying to suppress the minority vote in the courts rather than having their legally cast votes counted.

    1. Margo is a rino and Trump is an opportunist. Neither are Republicans. I had higher expectations for Margo but he sure fooled me. Well, not this time. I’ve always said I would cross party lines if I felt a dem candidate would do a better a job and was someone I could believe in. So yeah, I think Oscar is that person and he got (And will get) my vote.

  1. a surge in immigration? You mean a surge in attempted illegal crossings and a surge of “asylum seekers” aided by the tax payers lawyers sent by veronica pleters office? Using the Wal-Mart shooting as a reason to not vote for Margo is absolutely sickening, no shame from these hacks at kvia. How at all can that be used against a sitting mayor? Using covid as a reason, yeah sure

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