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El Paso

City of El Paso says it plans to bring back all furloughed workers, despite layoff notices sent to some

EL PASO, Texas --  The City of El Paso said Wednesday that it was working to bring back 75 city workers who remained furlough following last year's pandemic budget cuts, even though some of those workers received notices saying their positions were being eliminated.

The city's Chief Financial Officer Robert Cortinas said it was the city's intention to find other positions for those whose jobs were being eliminated.

El Paso Matters reported that multiple librarians who were on furlough status received letters Wednesday saying they would be laid off because their roles were being permanently done away with.

Sue Barnum, a librarian who has worked for the city for 13 years, told El Paso Matters that when she read the letter it felt like she had "been stabbed in the heart."

Of the 156 city workers furloughed last May, Cortinas said 65 had already been brought back to their positions by the city, while 16 others retired or resigned.

He didn't provide a specific timeline for when the 75 remaining workers would be brought back, but said the process was underway to try and match those individuals with comparable positions that are available under the current budget plan.

"Because of our proactive approach to the City’s budget, we are pleased to report that we will begin working this month to reinstate the remaining employees who were furloughed,” Cortinas said.

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Jim Parker

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  1. I’m all for a full work force. However. If El Paso government got along with a minimum of workers during the shutdown, why increase the already strained payroll? Work force to me is the private sector. Bars, restaurants, schools, etc. Government services without the private workforce does not make sense.

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