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Companies calling themselves ‘the city’ attempting to scam El Pasoans about their water quality

EL PASO, Texas -- Companies representing themselves as 'the city' are showing up announced to El Paso homes, testing their water on the spot and telling them they shouldn't be drinking their water.

David Villaneuva told me he was taken aback when two men showed up at his door and told him his water was unsafe to drink and that he should be using bottled water.

"You think Flint, Michigan; you think all those other communities in this country that have had problems with their drinking water," Villaneuva said.

El Paso water spokeswoman Denise Parra told me that their employees only show up at your home if you've requested to get your water tested or if there is a water emergency in the area.

If there is, she said it would be extremely clear that they are El Paso water employees - they would be in full uniform with the EP water logo, and on most occasions, they would have the EP water blue trucks with them.

If you are still unsure, they encourage you to ask for the employee's ID. That ID would have their name and the EP water logo on it.

Parra told ABC-7 that a lot of these companies are water filtration businesses.

"I went to their website and it's like some company non-profit out of DC that looks like they're going to try to sell me something," Villaneuva said. "I don't like that these people are coming and representing themselves like they're from the city and telling me my water is unsafe."

Rachel Phillips



  1. Won’t get anywhere with me! I ran a “Very Small Water & Sewer Department” in Idaho for 16 years. Took most of the monthly water samples and all the required nitrate/nitrite, etc, etc, etc, samples during my tenure. I miss our water. It came from a 350′ deep well and was ice cold year round. El Paso, tastes like you’re drinking a public swimming pool!!!

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