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Fort Bliss follows El Paso County’s lead, orders halt to non-essential services due to virus concerns

fort bliss main gate
Getty Images via CNN
The main gate to the Fort Bliss Army Base is seen in this file photo.

FORT BLISS, Texas -- U.S. Army officials at Fort Bliss on Thursday night announced that only essential services would be allowed to remain in operation due the severe Covid-19 outbreak plaquing the Borderland.

The word from Fort Bliss came just hours after El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego ordered the shutdown of all non-essential businesses throughout the county, saying local hospitals had been "overwhelmed."

"Unfortunately, Covid infection rates in the El Paso area continue to increase. To protect the force and to remain in alignment with our city partners, I have directed additional measures for the Fort Bliss Community," wrote Maj. Gen. Sean Bernabe, the commander of the Army post.

The Fort Bliss order triggers the closure of most retail stores along with the golf course, bowling alley, parks and tennis courts on the post. Further details can be found in the social media message below.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



    1. Yea it doesn’t really affect the economy so to us civilians it wont matter. But more personnel from Bliss will be spending money off base here in El Paso since the AG says were open.


    Whistleblower says El Paso ambulances picking up COVID-19 patients from Juarez

    As emergency responders are being recognized across the nation, El Paso’s first responders may be facing more danger from COVID-19 than anyone else.

    El Paso firefighters in the trenches of the COVID-19 pandemic, cannot talk on the record about the number of people they are picking up every day from El Paso’s international bridges. “There’s somedays where it’s only three or four times and other days when it will be 13 or 14 responses. You’ll be there for one patient and [CBP] customs will let you know, hey there’s another one right behind them and another one sometime there are four or five waiting in line,” said the anonymous source.

    As a result of what appear to be escalating ambulance responses at the international bridges by the El Paso Fire Department, KFOX14’s source insists the city of El Paso is being left in a dangerously vulnerable position.

    1. I doubt this is true but I really have no idea if it is. I would think CBP would make this public real fast if it was. And I wouldn’t care if it is true I consider Juarez part of El Paso and it would be humane BUT IF it was accurate they should not hide it.

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