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Some Fort Bliss soldiers return home from deployment just in time for Easter Sunday

EL PASO, Texas -- Soldiers in the 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team returned home to Fort Bliss on Sunday from overseas deployment to be greeted by their families and loved ones.

“It’s the greatest blessing ever, because I know the kids really miss him," Kyla Cardona said.

Cardona and her husband have two kids, an 8-year-old and a 16-month-old. The timing of his arrival home on Easter is perfect, an egg hunt awaits him when he gets home.

"I'm definitely excited," Heather Moore said while waiting for her husband, Jason. His birthday was the day prior and they had plans to celebrate when he got home.

“Well his birthday was yesterday, and our son turned 18 last week so we’re going to celebrate birthdays tonight," Moore explained.

The families finally got to share an embrace they have been waiting seven months for.

“It’s been a great tour and I’m glad I had the opportunity to rotate with this unit and I’m glad to be back," Jason Moore said.

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Dylan McKim



    1. Ha ha ha . A lot of folks came home form their work places too. Welcome home. Don’t pay attention to the local bigots like K1DPR. Celebrating nothing does nothing. Thank you. Pilots came home. Truckers came home. Etc.

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