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No Sun Metro transportation for Veterans to Beaumont Army Hospital

EL PASO, Texas - ABC-7 was contacted by a viewer about the lack of transportation to William Beaumont Army Center. This viewer said he had to pay $50 for an Uber to get him from his home to the hospital.

At the Sun Metro bus stop at Beaumont, a sign is posted with the words: "Notice. No bus service at this time." Tuesday, at a city council meeting, a Sun Metro official said this about the matter:

"We've met extensively with the Beaumont officials and we've committed to run the busses as soon as they have the demand. 10 riders per hour. And honestly, right now, they can't come up with that level of demand."

The official continued to say: "when you have less than 10 riders in an hour, we as a metro, it's not good practice to put a full size 35-40 foot unit on the route. So what we are working towards is having smaller minivans neighborhood circulators to pick up the less than 10 people and also to offer the transit on demand to be able to bring the riders to the nearest Brio stop."

Katie Frazier

Katie Frazier is an ABC-7 meteorologist and reporter.


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  1. Seems Metro is trying to resolve this issue. That’s good. Can’t leave our vets without transportation they so urgently need. Where is the VA on this? They should be weighing in as well. And the DAV.

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