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New Mexico

‘Unacceptable’: Concerns raised about upkeep of Sunland Park cemetery

Lisa Renegar has had enough.

After calling multiple times and later resorting to writing letters, Renegar decided to reached out to ABC-7.

She explained where Pine Memorial where her mothers remains are buried have not been taking care of the facility.

“Exposed holes, two foot tall weeds, grass so tall it obscures the graves.” The bereaved daughter said.

ABC-7 photographer Tom Scott went to Pine Memorial and filmed the condition of the grounds.

There were areas that needed weeding, places with two foot tall grass and trash that had been left or blown in from the desert.

Renegar was especially frustrated with the reflecting pond where her mothers ashes are placed, “A nice pool you’re supposed to sit next to and reflect upon your loved ones, covered with slime and algae and filth.”
The vice principal despairingly reminisced about her mothers remaining years they had together.

“My mom fought a battle against cancer for 6 years and for this to be how she is remembered at the end of her life is just unacceptable.”

We reached out to Pine Memorial to find out why the cemetery looked the way it did.

Teodoro Serrano a manager for the facility said, “I understand there have been some concerns with our families that we tend to. We are working hard to resolve these as we speak” Also adding,
“We know there are several complaints, and we are taking out measures to fix it as soon as possible.”

ABC-7 came back later in the day and two workers could be seen mowing and trimming the grass.

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