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New Mexico
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Disabled Deming dog owner forced to give up longtime companion; seeks good home for sweet dog that’s blind

DEMING, New Mexico -- Jana Young of Deming is the owner of Gracie, a five year old Husky-Shepard mix. She is disabled and unemployed and can no longer support Gracie, so she is looking for a foster or permanent home for the canine companion.

Young says she has had Gracie since she was a puppy and it is heart breaking to have to give her up -- but she is doing what she feels is in her dog's best interest.

Young says she will lose her home and has a deadline of Oct. 31 to find Gracie a home because she currently has no income and is waiting on a social security hearing.

Young says Gracie has very special needs and is blind. The dog was born with progressive retinal atrophy and has cataracts. However, Gracie is very good at mapping out new areas and only occasionally bumps into a wall. Young says she's a very sweet dog and hopes a special family will take Gracie in.

Pet rescuer Chris Wydra says while Gracie is blind -- she’s also healthy, happy and enthusiastic. Wydra says the dog is a great companion who just needs a home that is quiet with patient foster parents or owners so she can adapt to those surroundings.

Young says it's very difficult to give up her best friend -- one of the hardest things she’s ever had to do. Young says Gracie is her life and emotional support animal -- one of the most amazing dog you’ll ever come across.

Young says she will not take Gracie to a shelter because she fears they would euthanize her because she is blind.

Wydra adds that most shelters lack resources to help a handicapped dog. Wydra is reaching out to her contacts to see if she can find Gracie a loving home.

Young said she made a lifetime commitment to keeping Gracie safe and it would her bring her peace knowing her dog was in the right hands.

Wydra says life can take all sorts of turns and when there are health issues it really calls for change that is terribly uncomfortable and very sad. Jana is being very devoted to Gracie.

Wydra is helping Young and accepting phone calls for any kind of help and suggestions on fosters or adoptions. Her phone number is 575-373-4507. Wydra has hope that someone in the community will find ways to help both Gracie and Young.

Young concluded by saying everyone deserves a chance and that Gracie needs a second chance. Sometimes life dishes out what you wouldn’t want but it turns out alright in the end, Young says, and that’s her hope for both Gracie and herself.

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