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New Mexico

New Mexico virus order extended – but with changes, Dona Ana County has 13 new cases

SANTA FE, New Mexico -- Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham held a news conference Thursday afternoon to officially announce her decision to extend the state's stay-at-home order related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The governor's current order was set to expire Thursday, but she extended it until May 15. However, Lujan Grisham did amend her directives effective on Friday as follows:

  • Non-essential retailers can offer curb-side pickup
  • State parks will open on a modified basis, but no camping
  • Pet services, including grooming, boarding and veterinarians can operate
  • Golf courses can open for golf only, no dining or retail allowed
  • Gun stores may operate by appointment only for background checks
  • Still CLOSED: Malls, gyms, salons, theaters, casinos, bars and restaurants (except for takeout/delivery)
  • Stay-at-home order remains in place, mass gatherings prohibited and a 14-day quarantine continues for out-of-state travelers

"We're going to go slow, productively, proactively, steady and we're not going to be pressured by nuances in other states were going to focus on what's right for New Mexico," the governor said, indicating she was relaxing restrictions because the state is bending the curve a bit.

On Thursday, Lujan Grisham said the state recorded 198 new cases for a total of 3,411 confirmed infections. In Dona Ana County, there were 13 additional cases for a total of 144; among those was a case initially listed as Bernalillo County that the state said was actually from Dona Ana.

Eleven more New Mexicans had died, bringing the fatality count to 123. To date, only one death has occurred in the Las Cruces area.

The governor said 172 people were hospitalized across the state, with 44 of those patients needing ventilators. So far, 760 of those diagnosed with the virus have recovered from it, she added, and 67,869 tests had occurred statewide.

Using new projections based on research from Los Alamos National Lab, Dr. David Scrase of the Human Services Department said he expects cases in New Mexico to continue to grow over next six weeks. The models predict 7,200 Covid-19 cases by beginning of June.

The governor said that if data started to show New Mexico backsliding that she would take another course and wouldn't allow further business reopenings.

Prior to the news conference, a spokesperson for Lujan Grisham explained the rationale behind her decisions.

The statement read: "In no way is the state ready to fully re-open – that would put New Mexican lives at risk and put incredible strain on our state's health care system. The governor is working around the clock to keep New Mexicans alive and get us through this public health crisis."

Below you can see county-by-county data for virus cases across New Mexico. The data comes from Johns Hopkins, so the numbers may vary from what's reported by the state health department.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Too bad we can’t get the New Mexico Governor to take over Texas too. We’re saddled with this idiot Abbott and hopefully we will be able to really open up by 2030.

    1. You must have been asleep or don’t read the news. Texas has been up and mostly running since day one. It took a lawsuit by the NRA to force NM to open gun stores, just barely. Texas gun stores have been open, restaurants open for take away, and many other businesses on a limited basis. NM has been closed down tight. I won’t even be able to view my granddaughter’s fire academy graduation tomorrow on-line because they’re too paranoid about the 6’/face mask rule. We’ve got it easy here in Texas!

  2. You know governor Karen I may not always agree with you might be doing a good job at walking the fine line. Seems like the mayor’s spoke out and you responded.

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