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New Mexico

New Mexico nears 7,000 virus cases, Doña Ana County tops 400 as mass gatherings may be out for a year

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SANTA FE, New Mexico -- Coronavirus cases in New Mexico inched towards the 7,000 mark as the latest numbers came in on Sunday afternoon, while Doña Ana County now exceeded 400.

There were 17 additional cases reported in Doña Ana County on Sunday, bringing the caseload to 407. Still no new deaths, leaving the fatality count steady at just two.

Neighboring Otero County continued to have hotspots flaring at two detention facilities located next to each other. Officials on Sunday reported a total of 91 infections at the Otero County Prison and 92 at the Otero County ICE Processing Center.

There were also two new cases reported among Otero County residents for a cumulative tally of 14. The federally-run detention facilities are tracked separately from the county's residents.

Statewide on Sunday there were 149 new infections, raising New Mexico's total to 6,943. The state also recorded nine additional deaths, all in the northwest counties of McKinley and San Juan, for a total to date of 317.

Sunday's numbers came as a New Mexico state official says gatherings of more than 100 people may not be possible for more than a year because of the virus pandemic, meaning that sports stadiums, concert halls and conference centers in the state could remain empty for months.

“I know a lot of events have been canceled this year,” Tourism Secretary Jen Paul Schroer said. “We may not have the ability to do a mass gathering until we have a vaccine or herd immunity. It could be a year or 18 months.”

Schroer's comments on the reopening the state’s hospitality industry were reported by the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper.

The office of Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham concurred.

“It could be a long time before it is safe to have gatherings of more than 100,” Lujan Grisham spokeswoman Nora Meyers Sackett said.

Below you can see county-by-county data for virus cases and deaths across New Mexico. The data comes from Johns Hopkins University, so the numbers may sometimes vary a bit from what's reported by the state health department.

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  1. Clowns up in Santa Fe. No gatherings of over 100 for a year but go ahead and pack into wal mart. This fear will evaporate into thin air if somehow Biden magically won the election with 25 million absentee voters in El Paso county

  2. I think she knows they can’t legally keep us from gathering but they can not issue a business license to those who don’t follow their rules. Thankfully there are investigations into the legality of said “safety orders” and I think that will be enough to get most things going cause everyone hates a lawsuit

    1. You can bet that under New Mexico state law governing health and safety, Governor Lujan did her research before acting. She has a little more intelligence than the orange buffoon who pulls the trigger with no research. Then his advisors have to try to dig him out.

      1. She is not smart enough to be Biden’s running mate let alone POTUS if he croaks. Trump is a sly fox. He plays rope a dope with the Democrat Party and leftist media. Biden says: “You ain’t white.” BTW – Get some help with that TDS.

          1. I am looking forward to crazy Joe’s gaffes during the debates, if any. President Trump really doesn’t have to say anything except watch and laugh. Trump 2020!

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