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New Mexico

New Mexico state official says no to working with CBP, citing agency’s treatment of people of color

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A U.S. Customs and Border Protection patch on the uniform of an agent.

SANTA FE, New Mexico — The head of the New Mexico State Land Office has declined to add her signature to the renewal of a cooperative agreement with U.S. border authorities.

Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard said she instead is siding with community members who urged her not to work with U.S. Customs and Border Protection over concerns about discrimination against people of color along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Garcia Richard and fellow Democrats in New Mexico have been critical of the Trump administration’s border policies. The agreement, first executed in 2015 under the Obama administration, also covers Arizona, California and Texas and involves other federal land management agencies, state historic preservation offices and tribal governments in California, Arizona and Oklahoma.

Garcia Richard contends that other tribes that have expressed cultural ties to the border region haven’t been included. Her office pointed to the Navajo Nation, the Hopi Tribe and Mescalero Apache, among several others.

“We know consultation is not the actual intention of this document and the Land Office won’t give cover to border abuses,” she said in a statement.

Aside from voicing her support for tribes, she said she stands by immigrants, refuses to support federal immigration authorities’ operations along the border and opposes the construction of the border wall.

As required by federal law and internal directives, CBP officials said they work with other federal agencies, tribes, state agencies and non-governmental groups to meet environmental regulations as well as commitments to cultural stewardship and the protection of cultural resources.

But critics argue there are loopholes that allow CBP to control what ultimately happens on state trust land and other non-federal lands along the border. They pointed to recent legal battles over waivers and other maneuvering that have cleared the way for work to move ahead on portions of the border wall.

The disputed agreement states CBP shall coordinate with affected parties as early in the project development process as practical and that alternate methods, routes and locations will be part of the discussion to avoid or minimize the effects on historic properties.

It also states that CBP will cooperate with the parties to comply with the National Historic Preservation Act, and that tribes and other land managers shall provide as much information as possible about cultural sensitivity concerns, the nature and location of any historic properties and if traditional cultural properties are present within 60 days of being requested.

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  1. Good decision. There should be no cooperation with ICE and CBP as long as the orange buffoon is in office. All decent Americans should do all they can to protect and assist immigrants.

      1. You’d have to put 95% of El Paso County in there with me. All decent, moral El Pasoans go out of their way to help and protect vulnerable immigrants.

        1. What have you done moron? You take any in – room and board? Give them food? Money? I thought not. You are a hypocrite. The majority of El Pasoans like the rest of America are against illegal immigration. Only a delusional libtard would think otherwise. Get out of your bubble. Alberto aka markturner lives in a bubble with no grasp of reality.

          1. I was in the hotel business for over 30 years. When I needed dishwashers, bus persons, groundskeepers, housekeepers, and laundry workers, I had no choice but to hire immigrants because they were the only ones you could count on to do a good job, and show up for work. Also you didn’t have to worry about the stealing from the hotel. You are the one who is out of touch with reality.

          2. So you hired illegal immigrants? Alberto with another tall tale story. Lying as usual. Alberto dreaming up a fictional past. You do need a reality check.

        2. mark you are not decent. You are not an American. You are a filthy communist wanting the destruction of this nation. The same communists that killed millions in Russia and China. You want to bring this disease here. We, the Americans will stop you and your brood. You will not win no matter how ugly you get. You will be stopped.

    1. No coopreration. Let the criminals come in and steal, bring more durgs to our nation, rape, and kill. All to satisfy the stupidity of the demoKKKrats. I’m sure that will satisfy the ugly left.

      1. You can’t be a communist and a facist. The two are antithetical. You might want to take some remedial political science courses at EPPC. However they will require a high school diploma before you can be admitted.

          1. Stalin was a communist who operated like a tyrant and a dictator. Nothing he did was even remotely connected to political facism. Remember he fought facist Germany as our ally. In fact he saved our ass by coming strong from the east.

  2. I can tell by the intellect or lack thereof that you demonstrate on this blog that you do not do much reading. However, if you would read For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway, you might get a grasp of the difference between communists and facists. Some basic political science readings would help you too if you can understand it with your obvious educational deficit.

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