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New Mexico

‘Pure joy’: Las Cruces woman uses colored rock, glass to create stunning images

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico -- For Las Cruces wildlife artist Kathy Morrow, it's one rock, one tile, one piece of glass at a time.

“I’m just so glad other people are enjoying it and I get a real kick out of watching it develop," 72-year-old Morrow said. "It’s just pure joy.”

Nearly every morning, Morrow walks the Tortugas Dam in Las Cruces, bordering the New Mexico State University Golf Course and University Avenue for several hours.

“Hundreds of people walk this every day," Morrow told ABC-7.

People who walk the area bring different elements, such as tiles and glass for her images. Today, the collection includes a cougar, hummingbird, roadrunner, lizard and falcon.

“It’s very public," Morrow said. "It’s at the mercy of and kindness of the people that are out here.”

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