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New Mexico

First Lady Jill Biden visits New Mexico amid vaccine push

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico — First lady Jill Biden kicked off a three-day, two-state visit to the U.S. Southwest with a tour of a vaccination clinic in New Mexico, where early efforts to get people registered for shots helped to propel the state's standing as a national leader in vaccine distribution.

Wednesday’s tour came as the nation is set to meet President Joe Biden’s goal of administering 200 million coronavirus doses in his first 100 days in office. Earlier in the day, the president outlined his administration’s latest plans to motivate more Americans to get shots as demand diminishes.

In New Mexico, nearly 39% of residents 16 and older have been fully vaccinated. While eligibility was expanded earlier this month as part of the Biden administration's push, the focus is now shifting to younger people ahead of the summer break.

Jill Biden on Wednesday afternoon visited a health care clinic in Albuquerque where vaccines are being administered. She was accompanied by New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, whose administration has been working to ensure that shots are being distributed to rural and under-served areas through mobile clinics and partnerships with community health organizations.

As part of her swing through the Southwest, the first lady also will travel to the Navajo Nation, where she will meet Thursday with Navajo President Jonathan Nez and first lady Phefelia Nez in Window Rock, Arizona, before delivering a radio address. She is scheduled to attend a listening session Friday with Navajo students before taking a tour of a vaccination site.

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