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Abbott holds first meeting of terrorism panel

Texas Governor Greg Abbott held the first meeting of his new Terrorism Task Force Friday in Austin.

The task force was created in the wake of the El Paso shootings on Aug. 3 which killed 22 people and left nearly two dozen injured.

Abbott was in El Paso on Thursday with his new Safety Commission, a separate panel that is part of his two-pronged approach to attack mass shootings and hate-fueled violence.

While in El Paso, he talked to law enforcement and victims of the shooting.

The terrorism panel will look at terrorism from a broader perspective and look to offer solutions that can be adopted by the state government.

“We are already developing strategies that the governor’s office can undertake, that agencies in the state of Texas can undertake as well as identifying multiple legislative solutions that can be delivered and can both respond to the tragedy that happened in El Paso as well as broader issues,” Abbott said.

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