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Gov. Abbott says Texas to sue Biden over oil regulations

ODESSA, Texas -- Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Thursday signaled that the state plans to sue the Biden administration over executive orders it issued this week imposing new regulations on the energy industry in a sweeping move to combat climate change.

Abbott's comments came after he held a roundtable discussion in Odessa on the significant economic impact of oil and gas production in Texas.

"We're here for a singular purpose today," Abbott told reporters following the meeting with industry leaders. "I'm in Midland-Odessa to make clear that Texas is going to protect the oil and gas industry from any type of hostile attack launched from Washington D.C."

The governor said state agencies were currently researching litigation options to challenge President Joe Biden's new environmental rules.

"Texas is not going to stand idly by and watch the Biden administration kill jobs in Midland, in Odessa or any other place across the entire region," Abbott said.

He vowed that Texas would pursue an aggressive legal strategy against the Biden administration much like he did against the Obama administration while serving as Texas attorney general. During his tenure, Abbott noted that he sued the Obama White House over 30 times - most of those suits revolving around environmental regulations opposed by the Texas oil and gas industry.

(The Texas Tribune contributed to this report.)

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Instead of crying like babies when someone finally starts working on the climate crisis, us Republicans need to get on board if we ever expect to win elections again. Our problem is that our party has a large number of people still arguing about the validity of climate science. That is going to cost us two things in the future. Elections and our overall credibility.

    1. And no one cares what Abbott does. Thanks to Trump, the Republican party has become largely irrelevant. This will be the first time in recent history that the party in the White House gains seats in both the House and the Senate at mid-term elections.

    2. 60’s… Oil would be gone in 10 years..

      70’s.. Another Ice age in 10 years..

      80’s.. Acid rain will destroy all crops in 10 years..

      90’s.. Ozone layer will be destroyed in 10 years..

      2000’s.. Icecaps will be gone and Miami will be gone in 10 years..

      None Happened, but all resulted in more taxes..

      1. We don’t need a method at all. No one can control or change Mother Nature. You’re not a Republican and NO ONE cares what you have to say.

  2. Always remember abbot sided with the worst president to ever hold office. Vote him out. That will be the end of his policital career. Texas will go blue.

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